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May 2019

Over the last week I’ve been downloading editorial cartoons published in The Bulletin from @TroveAustralia. There’s 3,471 cartoons – at least one from every issue published between 4 Sep 1886 and 17 Sep 1952. And you can browse them all…

To make it easier to explore the images, I’ve compiled them into a series of PDFs – one PDF for each decade. The PDFs include lower resolution versions of the images together with their publication details and a link to Trove. They’re all available from DropBox:

The complete collection of high resolution images (about 60gb in total) can be downloaded from CloudStor. The names of each image file provide useful contextual metadata. For example, the file name 19330412-2774-nla.obj-606969767-7.jpg tells you:

  • 19330412 – the cartoon was published on 12 April 1933
  • 2774 – it was published in issue number 2774
  • nla.obj-606969767 – the Trove identifier for the issue, can be used to make a url eg [nla.gov.au/nla.obj-6...](https://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-606969767)
  • 7 – on page 7

There’s some details of the method that I used to find the cartoons in this notebook. I’ve also documented everything in the Trove Journals section of my GLAM Workbench.

Be warned – the language, images, and ideas presented in The Bulletin were often racist, anti-Semitic, and sexist. You won’t have to look far within this collection to find something offensive. This was, after all, the journal whose slogan for many years was ‘Australia for the white man’. This is our history… #dhhacks