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Mar 2020

Buildings might be closed, but the data is open – explore hundreds of datasets from Australian GLAM organisations!

For a couple of years I’ve been harvesting datasets created or published by Australian GLAM organisations through government data portals. I’ve just completed the latest harvest, and there’s now 369 datasets, containing 983 files, from 23 GLAM organisations. 628 of these files are in CSV (spreadsheet) format.

There’s a number of ways that you can explore the harvested data. You can browse a big list of datasets, or download a CSV containing all the harvested data or just those formatted as CSVs.

With this harvest I’ve added a new way of searching and filtering the harvested data using Datasette running on Glitch. This interface lets you narrow your queries by field or facet, and search text fields for keywords.

But what’s actually in all those CSV files? If you’d like to start exploring the content of the datasets, then give my GLAM CSV Explorer a go! The CSV Explorer looks at each column in the dataset and tries to identify the type of data inside. It then attempts to tell you something useful about it.

For all the details, links, and harvesting code, see the #GLAMWorkbench. #dhhacks