Tim Sherratt

Sharing recent updates and work-in-progress

Oct 2020

Any regular user of RecordSearch, the National Archives of Australia’s online database, will understand its frustrations. But here’s a handy little hack to fix a couple of annoying problems and add some useful functionality!

The RecordSearch Show Pages userscript updates links to digitised files in search results and item details pages, inserting the number of pages in a file. This means that you can easily scan a list of search results to see where the big fat files are, without having to click through to each one individually.

But wait there’s more! The script also rewrites the link to the digitised file viewer so that it opens in the current tab, as you would expect, and not in an annoying pop up window!

And as an extra bonus if you install now, the script also inserts a link on the barcode of an item in the digitised file viewer that takes you back to the item details page. Links to the digitised file viewer are shareable (unlike most RecordSearch links), but they don’t give you a way to find more information about the item. That problem is also fixed by this handy little script.

For more information see OzGLAM Help. #dhhacks