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Feb 2021

New! DigitalNZ API Query Builder added to GLAM Workbench

I’ve added an API Query Builder to the DigitalNZ section of the GLAM Workbench. You can use it to learn about the different parameters available from the search API, and experiment with different queries. Just get your API key from DigitalNZ, then try entering keywords and selecting options. Once you understand how the API works, you can start thinking about how you can make use of it in your own projects.

👉🏻 Try it out live on Binder!

Under the hood the API Query Builder is a Jupyter notebook (of course), but it uses ipyvuetify to create good-looking, responsive, form widgets. It’s intended to be run using Voilà, which turns notebooks into interactive apps and dashboards. You can now run any Jupyter notebook using Voilà on Binder, just by changing the url.

If this app seems useful (let me know!) I might put a version on Heroku so the start up time is reduced. I’m also thinking of using this sort of pattern to create apps for other APIs in the GLAM Workbench. #dhhacks