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Mar 2021

Reclaim Cloud integration coming soon to the GLAM Workbench

I’ve been doing a bit of work behind the scenes lately to prepare for a major update to the GLAM Workbench. My plan is to provide one click installation of any of the GLAM Workbench repositories on the Reclaim Cloud platform. This will provide a useful step up from Binder for any researcher who wants to do large-scale or sustained work using the GLAM Workbench. Reclaim Cloud is a paid service, but they do a great job supporting digital scholarship in the humanities, and it’s fairly easy to minimise your costs by shutting down environments when they’re not in use.

I’ve still got a lot of work to do to roll this out across the GLAM Workbench’s 40 repositories, but if you’d like a preview head to the Trove Newspaper and Gazette Harvester repository on GitHub. Get yourself a Reclaim Cloud account and click on the Launch on Reclaim Cloud button. It’s that easy!

There’s some technical notes in the Reclaim Hosting forum, and a post by Reclaim Hosting guru Jim Groom describing his own experience spinning up the GLAM Workbench.

Watch this space for more news! #dhhacks