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Jun 2021

Minor change to Reclaim Cloud config

When the 1-click installer for Reclaim Cloud works its magic and turns GLAM Workbench repositories into your own, personal digital labs, it creates a new work directory mounted inside of your main Jupyter directory. This new directory is independent of the Docker image used to run Jupyter, so it’s a handy place to copy things if you ever want to update the Docker image. However, I just realised that there was a permissions problem with the work directory which meant you couldn’t write files to it from within Jupyter.

To fix the problem, I’ve added an extra line to the reclaim-manifest.jps config file to make the Jupyter user the owner of the work directory:

	- cmd[cp]: chown -R jovyan:jovyan /home/jovyan/work

This takes care of any new installations. If you have an existing installation, you can either just create a completely new environment using the updated config, or you can manually change the permissions:

  • Hover over the name of your environment in the control panel to display the option buttons.
  • Click on the Settings button. A new box will open at the bottom of the control panel with all the settings options.
  • Click on ‘SSH Access’ in the left hand menu of the settings box.
  • Click on the ‘SSH Connection’ tab.
  • Under ‘Web SSH’ click on the Connect button and select the default node.
  • A terminal session will open. At the command line enter the following:
	chown -R jovyan:jovyan /home/jovyan/work

Done! See the Using Reclaim Cloud section of the GLAM Workbench for more information.