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Jun 2021

Trove Query Parser

Here’s a new little Python package that you might find useful. It simply takes a search url from Trove’s Newspapers & Gazettes category and converts it into a set of parameters that you can use to request data from the Trove API. While some parameters are used both in the web interface and the API, there are a lot of variations – this package means you don’t have to keep track of all the differences!

It’s very simple to use.

How to use the Trove Query Parser.

The code for the parser has been basically lifted from the Trove Newspaper Harvester. I wanted to separate it out so that I could use it at various spots in the GLAM Workbench and in other projects.

This package, the documentation, and the tests were all created using nbdev, which is really quite a fun way to develop Python packages. #dhhacks