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Jul 2021

Integrating GLAM Workbench news and discussion

I’ve spent a lot of time this year working on ways of improving the GLAM Workbench’s documentation and its integration with other services. Last year I created OzGLAM Help to provide a space where users of GLAM collections could ask questions and share discoveries – including a dedicated GLAM Workbench channel. Earlier this year, I tweaked my Micro.blog powered updates to include a dedicated GLAM Workbench news feed. Now I’ve brought the two together! What does this mean?

  • Any GLAM Workbench news that I post to my updates feed is now automatically added to OzGLAM Help
  • Links are automatically added to items in the news feed that let you add comments or questions in OzGLAM Help

So now there’s two-way communication between the services providing more ways for people to discover and discuss how the GLAM Workbench can help them.