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Aug 2021

Everyday heritage and the GLAM Workbench

Some good news on the funding front with the success of the Everyday Heritage project in the latest round of ARC Linkage grants. The project aims to look beyond the formal discourses of ‘national’ heritage to develop a more diverse range of heritage narratives. Working at the intersection of place, digital collections, and material culture, team members will develop a series of ‘heritage biographies’, that document everyday experience, and provide new models for the heritage sector.

Screen capture of project details in ARC grants database

Digital methods will play a major role in the project. I’ll be leading the ‘Heritage Hacks’ work package that will support the creation of the heritage biographies and develop a range of new tools and tutorials for use in heritage management contexts. All the tools, methods, and data generated through the project will be documented using Jupyter notebooks and published through the GLAM Workbench. Watch this space!

The project is led by Tracy Ireland (University of Canberra), with Jane Lydon (UWA), Kate Bagnall (UTAS), and me as chief investigators. Our industry partner is GML Heritage.