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Oct 2021

GLAM Workbench at eResearch Australasia 2021

Way back in 2013, I went to the eResearch Australasia conference as the manager of Trove to talk about new research possibilities using the Trove API. Eight years years later I was back, still spruiking the possibilities of Trove data. This time, however, I was discussing Trove in the broader context of GLAM data – all the exciting possibilities that have emerged as galleries, libraries, archives and museums make more of their collections available in machine-readable form. The big question is, of course, how do researchers, particularly those in the humanities, make use of that data? The GLAM Workbench is my attempt to address that question – to provide humanities researchers with both the tools and information they need, and an understanding of the possibilities that might emerge if they invest a bit of time in working with GLAM data. My eResearch Australasia 2021 presentation provides a quick introduction to the GLAM Workbench, here’s the video, and the slides.

A GLAM Workbench for humanities researchers from Tim Sherratt on Vimeo.

The presentation was pre-recorded, but I managed to sneak in an update via chat for those who attended the session. More news on this next week… 🥳