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Dec 2021

DigitalNZ & Te Papa sections of the GLAMWorkbench updated!

In preparation for my talk at ResBaz Aotearoa, I updated the DigitalNZ and Te Papa sections of the GLAM Workbench. Most of the changes are related to management, maintenance, and integration of the repositories. Things like:

  • Setting up GitHub actions to automatically generate Docker images when the repositories change, and to upload the images to the Quay.io container registry
  • Automatic generation of an index.ipynb file based on README.md to act as a front page within Jupyter Lab
  • Addition of a reclaim-manifest.jps file to allow for one-click installation of the repository in Reclaim Cloud
  • Additional documentation in README.md with instructions on how to run the repository via Binder, Reclaim Cloud, Nectar Research Cloud, and Docker Desktop.
  • Addition of a .zenodo.json metadata file so that new releases are preserved in Zenodo
  • Switch to using pip-tools for generating requirements.txt files, and the include unpinned requirements in requirements.in
  • Update of all Python packages

From the user’s point of view, the main benefit of these changes is the ability to run the repositories in a variety of different environments depending on your needs and skills. The Docker images, generated using repo2Docker, are used by Binder, Reclaim Cloud, Nectar, and Docker Desktop. Same image, multiple environments! See ‘Run these notebooks’ in the DigitalNZ and Te Papa sections of the GLAM Workbench for more information.

Of course, I’ve also re-run all of the notebooks to make sure everything works and to update any statistics, visualisations, and datasets. As a bonus, there’s a couple of new notebooks in the DigitalNZ repository: