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Dec 2021

Some big pictures of newspapers in Trove and DigitalNZ

One of the things I really like about Jupyter is the fact that I can share notebooks in a variety of different formats. Tools like QueryPic can run as simple web apps using Voila, static versions of notebooks can be viewed using NBViewer, and live versions can be spun up as required on Binder. It’s also possible to export notebooks at PDFs, slideshows, or just plain-old HTML pages. Just recently I realised I could export notebooks to HTML using the same template I use for Voila. This gives me another way of sharing – static web pages delivered via the main GLAM Workbench site.

Here’s a couple of examples:

Both are HTML pages that embed visualisations created using Altair. The visualisations are rendered using javascript, and even though the notebook isn’t running in a live computing environment, there’s some basic interactivity built-in – for example, you can hover for more details, and click on the DigitalNZ chart to search for articles from a newspaper. More to come! #dhhacks