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May 2022

Convert your Trove newspaper searches to an API query with just one click!

I’m thinking about the Trove Researcher Platform discussions & ways of integrating Trove with other apps and platforms (like the GLAM Workbench).

As a simple demo I modifed my Trove Proxy app to convert a newspaper search url from the Trove web interface into an API query (using the trove-query-parser package). The proxy app then redirects you to the Trove API Console so you can see the results of the API query without needing a key.

To make it easy to use, I created a bookmarklet that encodes your current url and feeds it to the proxy. To use it just:

  • Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar: Open Trove API Console.
  • Run a search in Trove’s newspapers.
  • Click on the bookmarklet.

This little hack provides a bit of ‘glue’ to help researchers think their about search results as data, and explore other possibilities for download and analysis. #dhhacks