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Jun 2022

Under development – a Zotero translator for Libraries Tasmania!

I’ve created a Zotero translator for the Libraries Tasmania catalogue. Using it, you can save metadata and digital resources to your own research database with a single click. Libraries Tasmania actually has three catalogues rolled into one – the main library catalogue, the archives catalogue, and the names index. The translator works across all three. Features include:

  • Select and save items from a page of search results.
  • Save individual items across the full range of formats. (By default, individual records in the catalogue open in a modal overlay. For Zotero to recognise the item you need to click on the Permalink button and open the record on a separate page.)
  • Automatically download digital images and PDFs attached to records. This works when the record points to a particular page – it won’t download multiple images from a single link. However, if a record contains multiple links to digitised pages (such as the Convict records in the Names Index), you’ll get them all!
  • Fields in the Archives catalogue and Name Index that don’t map to Zotero properties are saved as key/value pairs in Zotero’s ‘Extra’ field
Screenshot of Zotero interface showing captured Libraries Tasmania records.

I’ve submitted the translator for inclusion in the official repository, but you’re welcome to take it for a test run in the meantime. Just follow these steps:

  • Find out where your Zotero data folder is. From Zotero go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Files and Folders and click on Show Data Directory.
  • Open the translator file here. Then right click and choose Save as, navigate to your Zotero data folder, and save it in the ‘translators’ folder.
  • Restart Zotero and your browser.
  • Head to the Libraries Tasmania catalogue and try it!

Let me know if you strike any problems. #dhhacks