Tim Sherratt

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Jun 2022

55,633 items digitised by the National Archives of Australia last week. Including:

  • Bonegilla name index cards (A2751 & A2752): +42,434
  • CMF Personnel Dossiers (B884): +10,150
  • Aust Women’s Land Army personnel cards (C610): +961


A2571, Name Index Cards, Migrants Registration [Bonegilla], 33686 files digitised; B884, Citizen Military Forces Personnel Dossiers, 1939-1947, 10150 files digitised; A2572, Name Index Cards, Migrants Registration [Bonegilla], 8748 files digitised; C610, Australian Women's Land Army - personnel cards, alphabetical series, 961 files digitised; A9301, RAAF Personnel files of Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and other ranks, 1921-1948, 735 files digitised; D874, Still photograph outdoor and studio negatives, annual single number series with N prefix (and progressive alpha infix A-K from 1948-1957), 624 files digitised; B883, Second Australian Imperial Force Personnel Dossiers, 1939-1947, 163 files digitised; J853, Architectural plans, annual single number series with alpha (denoting Papua New Guinea and discipline) prefix and/or alpha/numeric (denoting size and amendment) suffix, 161 files digitised; A14487, Royal Australian Air Force Air Board and Air Council Agendas, Submissions and Determinations - Master Copy, 102 files digitised; A2478, Non-British European migrant selection documents, 21 files digitised; D4881, Alien registration cards, alphabetical series, 18 files digitised; A471, Courts-Martial files [including war crimes trials], single number series, 10 files digitised; A1877, British migrants - Selection documents for free or assisted passage (Commonwealth nominees), 9 files digitised; A13860, Medical Documents - Army (Department of Defence Medical Documents), 9 files digitised; A1196, Correspondence files, multiple number series [Class 501] [501-539] [Classified] [Main correspondence files series of the agency], 9 files digitised; B78, Alien registration documents, 8 files digitised; A712, Letters received, annual single number series with letter prefix or infix, 6 files digitised; A12372, RAAF Personnel files - All Ranks [Main correspondence files series of the agency], 6 files digitised; AP476/4, Applications etc. for registration of copyright of literary, dramatic and musical productions, pictures etc., 6 files digitised; A714, Books of duplicate certificates of naturalization A(1)[Individual person] series, 6 files digitised;