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Aug 2022

View embedded JSON metadata for Trove's digitised books and journals

The metadata for digitised books and journals in Trove can seem a bit sparse, but there’s quite a lot of useful metadata embedded within Trove’s web pages that isn’t displayed to users or made available through the Trove API. This notebook in the GLAM Workbench shows you how you can access it. To make it even easier, I’ve added a new endpoint to my Trove Proxy that returns the metadata in JSON format.

Just pass the url of a digitised book or journal as a parameter named url to https://trove-proxy.herokuapp.com/metadata/. For example:


Screenshot of the collapsed JSON metadata returned from the url above. It includes fields such as 'title', 'accessConditions', 'marcData', and 'children'.

I’ve created a simple bookmarklet to make it simpler to open the proxy. To use it just:

  • Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar: Get Trove work metadata
  • View a digitised book or journal in Trove.
  • Click on the bookmarklet to view the metadata in JSON format.

To view the JSON data in your browser you might need to install an extension like JSONView.