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Aug 2023

Family history resources in the GLAM Workbench

It’s Family History Month, so I thought a brief post was in order describing some of the family history related resources in the GLAM Workbench.

This is the biggie (in more ways than one). I’ve brought 263 datasets from 10 Australian GLAM organisations together into a single search interface. All these datasets index collections by people’s names, so with one search you can find information about individuals across a broad range of records, locations, and periods. There’s more than 10 million rows of data to explore!

Try it now!

Screenshot of the home page of the GLAM Name Index Search showing the list of GLAM organisations contributing data.

NSW Post Office and Sydney Telephone Directories

Many volumes of the NSW Post Office and Sydney Telephone Directories have been digitised and made available through Trove. However, they’re not easy to search. I’ve taken the text from these volumes and indexed it by line to make it easier to find people and places. There’s two databases to explore:

Screenshot of the NSW Post Office Directories search, showing how matching results on a page are displayed.

Tasmanian Post Office Directories

The Tasmanian Post Office Directories have been digitised by Libraries Tasmania, but each volume is available as a separate PDF, making it difficult to search across the collection. I’ve downloaded all the PDFs, extracted the text and images, and indexed the content by line. Now you can search all 48 volumes, from 1890 to 1948, at once!

Try it now!

Screenshot of the search screen for Tasmanian Post Office Directories.

Trove Places

If your family history research is focused on a particular region, it can be useful to know what newspapers from that region are digitised in Trove. Trove Places is a map interface to Trove’s digitised newspapers, just click on a place to find newspapers published or distributed nearby.

Try it now!

Screenshot of Trove Places showing how a search for ‘Walhalla' in Victoria displays a number of markers on the map, each marker providing information about Trove newspapers published or distributed in that location.

Save a Trove newspaper article as an image

You might have noticed that Trove’s download option for digitised newspaper articles can slice articles up in unfortunate ways. This simple web app saves the complete article as a single image (or multiple images if the article is split across different pages). Simple, but very useful.

Try it now!

Screenshot of the web app to save Trove newspaper articles as images

Trove Newspapers Data Dashboard

Just about every week more digitised newspaper articles are added to Trove. The search you tried a couple of months ago might now produce different results. How can you keep track of these changes? The Trove Data Dashboard uses weekly snapshots of the digitised newspapers to visualise changes over time. It’s updated every Sunday!

Try it now!

Screenshot of Trove Data Dashboard showing how the total number of newspaper articles changes over time.

And more!

The GLAM Workbench provides a wide range of tools and examples to help you work with data from libraries, archives, and museums.

The resources above cost money to keep online. If you find them useful, you might like to sponsor me on GitHub or buy me a coffee.