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Aug 2023

Trove Query Parser updated!

I’ve just updated the Trove Query Parser to work with version 3 of the Trove API. You just give it the url of a search in Trove’s newspapers, and it translates the search into a set of parameters that the API will understand. So this:

parse_query("https://trove.nla.gov.au/search/category/newspapers?keyword=wragge&l-artType=newspapers&l-state=Queensland&l-category=Article&l-illustrationType=Cartoon", 3)

Produces this:

{'q': 'wragge', 'l-artType': 'newspapers', 'l-state': ['Queensland'], 'l-category': ['Article'], 'l-illustrated': 'true', 'l-illustrationType': ['Cartoon'], 'category': 'newspaper'}

You can then feed the parameters to the Trove API with your API key and you’ll get data back. Easy! It’s simple but handy – I use the Query Parser in other tools like the Trove Newspaper Harvester and QueryPic.

This version adds a second parameter to the parse_query() function so you can specify the version of the Trove API you’re using. The default value is 2 for backwards compatibility. See the documentation for more information.