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Jan 2024

Trove newspapers in 2023

I’ve been capturing weekly snapshots of the Trove newspaper corpus for the last couple of years. You can see the latest results in the Trove Newspaper Data Dashboard. Using this data I’ve compiled a quick summary of changes over the last year.

7,518,764 digitised newspaper articles were added to Trove in 2023. The total number of articles increased from 236,530,127 to 244,048,891. The chart below shows how the number of articles varied across the year. You’ll notice that the rate of digitisation increased about the same time the government announced new funding for Trove. Were more articles digitised because of the funding, or were articles in the digitisation pipeline held back until the funding was announced? Or both?

Number of digitised newspaper articles in Trove by week, 2023

Most of the new articles were published in either Victoria or NSW – both these states had an increase of more than 3 million articles each! There were smaller increases for WA and SA. This chart shows the distribution of articles by state.

Change in the number of articles in 2023 by state

Fifty-seven new newspaper titles were added to Trove in 2023: