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Jan 2024

National Archives of Australia in 2023 – digitisation of files

In 2023 the National Archives of Australia digitised 416,602 files (down from 575,597 in 2022). This chart shows the number of files digitised per day in 2023.

Chart showing the number of files digitised per day across 2023

These files were drawn from 1,423 different series, but the vast bulk (81%) were from 4 series of World War Two service records. (This media release includes some details about the funding of the WW2 digitisation.)

Here’s the top twenty series by number of items digitised in 2023.

series series_title total
B883 Second Australian Imperial Force Personnel Dossiers, 1939-1947 201,511
A9301 RAAF Personnel files of Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and other ranks, 1921-1948 111,673
A9300 RAAF Officers Personnel files, 1921-1948 14,125
B884 Citizen Military Forces Personnel Dossiers, 1939-1947 11,265
A14435 Stanley Fowler photographs showing the Australian fishing industry and coastline, numerical series with ‘LA’prefix 10,512
D3481 Photographs (black and white, colour) of buildings, installations, sites, etc 8,295
A1 Correspondence files, annual single number series [Main correspondence files series of the agency] 7,571
K1145 Certificates of Exemption from Dictation Test, annual certificate number order 4,169
A13150 Specifications, examiners reports and correspondence relating to the Registration of Victorian Patents - Second system 3,941
J853 Architectural plans, annual single number series with alpha (denoting Papua New Guinea and discipline) prefix and/or alpha/numeric (denoting size and amendment) suffix 3,322
A2571 Name Index Cards, Migrants Registration [Bonegilla] 2,204
D1423 Original plans (negatives), single number series with alpha prefix denoting discipline 2,102
AP67/1 Personal documents of British migrants (including ex-service) in receipt of free and assisted passages 2,058
E1652 Northern Territory Pastoral Applications (Pastoral Claims) 1,822
D5440 Photographs of post office buildings, personnel and equipment, single number series (with variations) 1,488
C609 Payment cards for employees' entitlements claims, alphabetical series 1,317
B3104 Photographs, Trans-Australian Railway, single number series 1,222
MP1117/2 Microfilm reels of RAAF Engineering Drawings 1,168
A2572 Name Index Cards, Migrants Registration [Bonegilla] 1,130
B6295 Photographs and negatives of Commonwealth building sites and Works departmental activities, single number series 1,113

For more data, see the naa-recently-digitised GitHub repository which runs a process every Sunday to save details of files digitised in the previous week.