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Apr 2024

What do you want to do with Trove data?

In my work on the Trove Data Guide I’ve started sketching out a series of research pathways. These are intended as ways of connecting Trove data to tools and questions – providing examples of the steps involved in gathering, preparing, and using data to explore particular research topics.

I’ve currently defined six pathways, roughly based on different types of data that you can get from Trove:

‘Creating collections’ is a bit different I suppose, as it’s meant to relate to the work of assembling research collections from data in Trove – for example, creating a collection of annotated newspaper articles in Omeka.

I have some ideas, of course, about the types of tutorials and examples to include in each pathway, but I’m wondering what you would like to see. What would you like to be able to do with Trove data?

You might get some inspiration by browsing through what’s already in the Trove Data Guide and the GLAM Workbench, or perhaps you have a research question that’s foundered because you couldn’t get the data you needed out of Trove. If you have any ideas please share them via the TDG’s ideas board. This is a chance to get some of your gnarly Trove data problems solved!

Note that the TDG links in this post go to the development version, which changes frequently. There is also a published version that doesn’t include the latest content.