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Jul 2024

Digital History stream at the AHA conference

The recently finished Australian Historical Association conference in Adelaide included a digital history stream sponsored by the Australian Research Data Commons. I’ve listed the details of all the presentations below. I also thought it might be useful to try and bring together links to the various tools, platforms, and projects mentioned during the digital history sessions. I’m relying on my memory and what I could find by googling, so please let me know if I’ve missed something!

Digital History stream

Understanding Trove workshop

Session 1: History with maps: exploring, testing, and showing the Time Layered Cultural map (TLC) project

  • Catharine Coleborne, University of Newcastle: Mapping nineteenth-century vagrancy: clusters of arrests in New South Wales, 1862–80
  • Bill Pascoe, University of Melbourne: Mapping Australian Frontier Conflict
  • Penny Edmonds and Heidi Ing, Flinders University: Networks and Mobilities: Humanitarian Tour to the Antipodes
  • Hamish Maxwell-Stewart, University of New England: Unfree Labour in the City

Session 2: Digital media and methods

  • Matthew Firth, Flinders University: Qualitative Analytics and Historical Research: A Case Study from the Middle Ages
  • Ashley Dennis-Henderson, University of Adelaide: Using Digital Techniques to Provide Collective Insights into the Experiences of Australian World War I Soldiers
  • Cate Cleo Alexander, University of Toronto: Content, Context, and Conspiracies: (Mis)representations of Public History on YouTube

Session 3: Digital Representations

  • Elizabeth Walsh, University of Tasmania: Local truths: Using digital mapping to write a new local history
  • Emily Fitzgerald, University of Melbourne: Lies Your Map Can Tell: Navigating the Story When Creating Historical Maps
  • Abbie Hartman, Macquarie University: ‘The high-stakes world of sheep-herding’: playing Australian history

Session 4: Forum, What digital tools do we need for historical research?


Tools and platforms


Skills and training