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Mar 2024

More tools and data for working with Trove's digitised periodicals

The Trove Periodicals section of the GLAM Workbench has been updated! Some changes were necessary to make use of version 3 of the Trove API, but I’ve also taken the chance to reorganise things a bit – starting with the name. This section used to be called ‘Trove journals’, reflecting the naming of Trove’s ‘Journals’ zone. But zones have gone, and periodicals are now spread across multiple categories, so I thought a name change was necessary to better reflect the type of content being examined.

What periodicals have been digitised?

It’s surprising difficult to find out what periodicals have actually been digitised in Trove. There’s no straightforward list of titles as there is in the newspapers category. Over the years I’ve created a variety of lists and tools to try and overcome this. I’m now trying to consolidate these efforts into a single dataset which you can explore using Datasette-Lite. I’ve made a few improvements to this in recent weeks, in particular, title records now include a link to download all the OCRd text from periodical.

Screen capture of Datasette-Lite interface showing a list of periodical titles.

New notebooks

The notebook pages in the GLAM Workbench now include previews of the notebook’s content. There are a number of new notebooks:

If you’d like an example of the sorts of illustrations you can extract from the digitised periodicals, here’s a collection of photos found by searching for periodical articles with cat or kitten in their titles.

Thumbnails of cat photos extracted from periodicals.

Updated and reorganised datasets

I’ve moved all the datasets out of the main GitHub repository into their own separate repositories. Some large collections that were previously stored on the sadly-deceased Cloudstor service are now sitting in an Amazon s3 bucket. These include:

As previously noted, I’ve also made the Bulletin cartoons available through Datasette-Lite for easy exploration.

Screen capture of Datasette-Lite interface showing some of the Bulletin cartoons.