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12 May 2022

TIL you can do date maths in Trove. Searching for date:[NOW-10YEAR TO NOW] in newspapers & gazettes returns articles from the last 10 years. Try it: trove.nla.gov.au/search/ca…

11 May 2022

My Trove researcher platform wishlist

The ARDC is collecting user requirements for the Trove researcher platform for advanced research. This is a chance to start from scratch, and think about the types of data, tools, or interface enhancements that would support innovative rese...
10 May 2022

Spending the evening updating the NAA section of the #GLAMWorkbench. Here’s a fresh harvest of the agency functions currently being used in RecordSearch… gist.github.com/wragge/d1…

10 May 2022

This morning has been all bug hunting. But at least I’ve now found & fixed the problem, & released version 0.0.14 of the RecordSearch Data Scraper! https://github.com/wragge/recordsearch_data_scraper/releases/tag/v0.0.14 Also updated on Pypi.

08 May 2022

Changes in Trove newspaper titles in the last week:

+26,731 articles from Daily News (WA)

+88,485 articles from Sunraysia Daily (Vic)

+6,810 articles from Dalgety’s Review (WA)

See: github.com/wragge/tr…

08 May 2022

Changes in Trove newspapers in the past week:

+124,404 articles available

+17,306 articles with corrections

+8,269 articles with tags

+523 articles with comments

See: github.com/wragge/tr…

08 May 2022

Somewhat unexpectedly the US National Archives & Records Administration catalogue includes some historic photos of Tasmania… catalog.archives.gov/search

07 May 2022

I’ve got a site, I suppose I need to add some content now… glam-workbook.net #GLAMWorkbook

02 May 2022

Working with Trove data – a collection of tools and resources

The ARDC is organising a couple of public forums to help gather researcher requirements for the Trove component of the HASS RDC. One of the roundtables will look at ‘Existing tools that utilise Trove data and APIs’. Last year I wrote a summ...
01 May 2022

New articles available this week from specific Trove newspapers:

+39,296 from Daily News (WA)

+39,810 from Australian Jewish Herald (Vic)

+104,190 from Sunraysia Daily (Vic)

More: github.com/wragge/tr…

01 May 2022

Changes to Trove newspapers in the last week:

+211,393 articles available

+15,738 articles with corrections

+8,233 articles with tags

+499 articles with comments

More here: github.com/wragge/tr…

30 Apr 2022

And so it starts… #GLAMWorkbench

Screenshot of GLAM Workbook welcome page. Text states: 'This is a companion to the GLAM Workbench. Here you'll documentation, tips, tutorials, and exercises to help you work with digital collections from galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (the GLAM sector).'
29 Apr 2022

Followed up my last FOI request about HASS research infrastructure to find out why the appendix was missing, & now it’s available! Includes an interesting (& selective) list of HASS infrastructure projects. www.dropbox.com/sh/uq7vz4…

28 Apr 2022

And with that I think I’ll call it quits for #DayofDH2022 in this part of the world. Time to go check the backyard for pademelons before turning in. Hope all the DH-y types around the world have an interesting, inspiring & productive day!

28 Apr 2022

Ok, I’ve created a new #GLAMWorkbench meta issue to try and bring together all the things I’m trying to do to improve & automate the code & documentation. This should help me keep track of things… github.com/GLAM-Work… #DayofDH2022

28 Apr 2022

A couple of hours of #DayofDH2022 left – feeling a bit uninspired, so I’m going to do some pruning & reorganising of the #GLAMWorkbench issues list: github.com/GLAM-Work…

28 Apr 2022

Hmm, didn’t get any writing done and now it’s time to cook dinner for the family. Bit of a frustrating day really. Might do a bit of coding later. #DayofDH2022

28 Apr 2022

Workspace photo for #DayofDH2022. Old iMac for the socials & meetings. Newish laptop running Pop!_Os for dev work. To my left is a big window facing the backyard through which I can see visiting rosellas (Green & Eastern).

Photograph of my desktop. There are three monitors - one iMac, and a laptop on a stand connected to an external monitor. In the foreground are my distance glasses and a notebook.
28 Apr 2022

Now after coding, bug chasing, meeting, & prototype demo, I have to try and get into a headspace to do some writing about government surveillance records in the National Archives of Australia. But first some late lunch! #DayofDH2022

28 Apr 2022

Meeting and demo done. Love working with ANU Archives, & really excited about the latest version of the Sydney Stock Exchange database. Still WIP but you can play with the prototype here: sydney-stock-exchange-xqtkxtd5za-ts.a.run.app/stock_exc… #DayofDH2022

28 Apr 2022

I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall with my Datasette deployment. I’m probably missing something obvious. Suggestions welcome… github.com/simonw/da… #DayofDH2022

28 Apr 2022

And Cloudstor is down for maintenance. I suppose I wan’t be doing that demo then… #DayofDH2022

28 Apr 2022

Perhaps appropriately for #DayofDH2022, I’ve spent most of the morning trying to hunt down a bug. Everything works perfectly running locally, but fails mysteriously when deployed to the cloud…

26 Apr 2022

Micro.blog offers another alternative for people wanting more control over their socials. I’m posting this from my Micro account – it’ll be cross-posted to Mastodon & Twitter, saved to GitHub, syndicated via RSS, and accessible from updates.timsherratt.org

20 Apr 2022

Tracking Trove changes over time

I’ve been doing a bit of cleaning up, trying to make some old datasets more easily available. In particular I’ve been pulling together harvests of the number of newspaper articles in Trove by year and state. My first harvests date all the w...